About Whipdash

Imagine if you will, that warm Michigan summer night, an inspirational drive along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), your arm around your best friend as you pull away from a Charleston Church.

Life’s memories are sprinkled with the unique presence that comes from our trusted automobiles.

At Whipdash, our cars are personal. Every mile earned in a relationship of companionship. We grew up loving Detroit Muscle, desiring European luxury and class, and yearning for the brute force of the exotic cars from around the world.

When that perfect moment hits, it’s like a buzz never felt before.

Whipdash is here as your partner in preserving those perfect moments and turning them into cherished memories.

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Published in: Destination I Do, Southern Bride, Charleston Wedding Magazine, Vigour, Talbots, Southern Hospitality, & More

Vigour: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/2476838
Here is an opportunity to purchase one of our used whips used for those classic memories. Please contact us if you are interested
or know someone that would like to make one of these beauties part of the family!

1961 Fiat Jolly

Sale Price: $225,000.00

1961 Fiat Jolly

Sale Price: $225,000.00

1976 Ford Mustang Mach1

Sale Price: $8,500.00

1973 VW kombi Bus

Sale Price: $55,000.00

1965 RR Silver Cloud III

Sale Price: $295,000.00

1967 Ford Bronco

Sale Price: $115,000.00

1982 GMC High Sierra

Sale Price: $85,000.00

2019 Porsche Speedster

Sale Price: $450,000.00

2018 Porsche GT2RS Weissach

Sale Price: $395,000.00

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